Training 2,000 Health Workers and Supporting 600,000 People to Protect the Lives of Pregnant Women in Africa

Preventing maternal deaths, unwanted pregnancies, and unsafe abortions through a community-centered health promotion program.

The Program


Partner: JOICFP
Budget: 750 million yen
Term: 5 years
Launch: 2017
Area: Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia

Globally, 830 women die every day from complications during pregnancy or childbirth. 99% of deaths take place in developing countries, with the situation in sub-Sahara Africa being the most severe. Most of these complications develop during pregnancy and are preventable or treatable. The program provides correct health knowledge and appropriate health services to reduce preventable maternal deaths and protect the lives of pregnant woman.



Stories of Impact


Our Stories: Shared Knowledge for a Better Life for All

The Takeda-JOICFP partnership brought 13 healthcare professionals from Africa to Suzaka, Japan to learn about the region’s transformational community health system, introduced over 50 years ago. See the profound exchanges between health workers who came together to share best practices with the goal of advancing family planning and maternal and child health.



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